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Naturopathy or ‘nature-cure’ is both a way of life and a concept of healing, employing various natural means of preventing and treating disharmony in the human body.

Even though the term Naturopath has only been used since the late 19th Century, its roots can be traced back to Hippocrates. Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician and is referred to as the “father of medicine”, indeed the medical profession today still uses the Hippocratic Oath. He is credited with being the first physician to reject superstitions, legends and beliefs as being the cause of disease, instead he cited disease as a product of environmental factors, diet and living habits.

Naturopathy deals with internal health problems, metabolic disorders and
imbalances, acute and chronic conditions through treatment of the whole person (mind, body & emotions).

To name some but not all (it would take far too long) conditions that Naturopathy can help with:

  • Arthritis, painful joints, injuries, easy bruising etc.
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, other rashes, pimples, acne, dry or oily skin etc.
  • Respiratory conditions such as sinus problems, hayfever, colds, flus, chest infections, ear infections, post nasal drip, asthma etc.
  • Digestive system condition such as reflux, indigestion, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, excess flatulence, pain, parasite infestation, low appetite, allergies, nausea etc.
  • Cardiovascular system conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease prevention care etc.
  • Metabolic conditions such as Metabolic Syndrome, Type 11 Diabetes, fatty liver
  • Female reproductive system conditions such as irregular periods, painful or heavy periods, pre-conception care, PMS, healthy pregnancy care, infertility, menopause etc.
  • Male Health
  • Children’s Health
  • Preventative Health/wellness (getting healthy and staying that way)
  • Mental Health such as anxiety, depression, foggy brain, poor concentration etc.

Glenise is trained in finding the underlying cause of the imbalance, and doesn’t wait until disease is present before appropriate preventative measures are applied and does not suppress the symptoms.

In general a wide range of diagnostic techniques including cutting edge technology (Cellular Health Analysis), extensive case history, Iridology, urine tests checking the digestive system’s health, pH levels, testing for zinc levels, heavy metals testing and blood pressure (blood tests can be ordered if Glenise thinks they are necessary) are employed to assess causative factors and an individual health promoting program is designed to allow your body to return to health and away from dis-ease.

A treatment program may include Herbal Medicines, Homeopathic Medicines, Dietary and Lifestyle changes, Nutritional Supplementation as required.

Don’t accept the idea that tiredness, aches and pains, low energy, poor strength and disease processes are all part of ‘old age’ or ‘you know your getting older now, you have to expect these things’.

These symptoms are not symptoms of old age they are symptoms of a body that is not coping, something is not working correctly. These symptoms need to be addressed and not just covered up with a pain killing tablet or an antacid tablet or a blood pressure tablet or an anti-depressant. It may be as simple as a detoxification program that is required or your tissues are too acidic, rather than complicating the initial symptom with the side effects of the medications.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the supermarket/chemist/health food shops, thinking that you need everything on the shelves to fix all your ailments? Many people tend to spend a lot of money on supplements of dubious quality, with little benefit to their health. A professional consultation involves some detective work to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns. Enabling Glenise to streamline your treatment by only giving you the medicines and remedies that you need. These are usually superior formulations, with meaningful doses and effective combinations of ingredients. Being only available to qualified naturopaths - the over the counter supplements are by law not allowed to exceed certain levels. The Therapeutic Goods Act only allows qualified practitioners to prescribe higher therapeutic doses.

There won’t be any miracles overnight – there really is no such thing in any genuine Wellness Program.

“It won’t happen overnight – But it will happen”.


Herbal (Botanical) Medicine

Herbal medicines are made exclusively from plants. They have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of illnesses. It is the oldest form of medicine on our planet. Millions of people throughout the world (over 75%) are still using herbal medicine today as their main form of medicine. Pollen clusters in a grave from 60,000 BC have been identifies as species of plants that are in medicinal use today.

There is an enormous body of scientific information and research which proves how simple and effective Herbal medicine is, when used by the trained Herbalist.

Classical herbal medicine utilizes the Hippocratic principles of treating the person, not the disease, evaluating the whole lifestyle as well as the emotional and circumstantial environment of each patient, not just the physical symptoms. Individually applicable herbal extracts and tinctures are then prescribed to enable the removal of barriers to optimal health, empowering and mobilizing the patient to restore their own defences.

Herbal Medicine is extremely safe (when used by a trained Herbalist) and can be used in a variety of health conditions like:

  • Arthritis
  • Skin conditions (like eczema, dermatitis, pimples, acne etc)
  • Digestive problems (reflux, indigestion, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea etc)
  • Female reproductive conditions (PMS, irregular periods, painful heavy periods, menopausal symptoms and many, many more)
  • High cholesterol
  • Coughs and colds
  • Poor immunity
  • Allergies
  • Chronic fatigue, tiredness, poor sleep etc.
  • Children’s complaints
  • Acute and chronic conditions

Remember herbs should always be prescribed by a Qualified Herbalist, just because it is natural does not mean it is not dangerous or that it suits you and your condition.



Is a wholistic system of medicine which uses micro doses of biological, botanical and mineral substances to stimulate the body’s own healing response to overcome illness.

Homoeopathy has a proven track record as being a safe, cost effective system of medicine and is acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO). There has been a body of research on Homoeopathy, with a minimum of 105 controlled clinical trials on Homoeopathy published in the British Medical Journal.

It is non-toxic, non-addictive, does not mask or suppress symptoms, is easy and convenient to take and very effective.

Homoeopathy is a scientific form of natural healing based on the ‘Law of Similars’ which states ‘like cures like’ ie: a Homoeopathic remedy which will produce a set of symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms in a sick person.

It is effective for the treatment of acute, chronic, physical, emotional and inherited disease. Being suitable for babies, children, adults, elderly and even pets.

Homoeopathic medicines provide a harmless, natural approach to healing as they endeavour to strengthen resistance to ill health.


Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition uses the adjustment of diet and/or supplementation of specific substances to correct or prevent an imbalance of the body, so that once biochemical balance is achieved it can be maintained by daily diet.

Nutrition is the foundation of preventative medicine. Research is providing an increasing body of evidence to support the use of whole foods and nutritional supplements as therapeutic agents in the management of a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Vegetables Aren’t As Good For You As They Used To Be!

Did you know that new research has shown that produce not only tastes worse than it did in your grandparents’ day, but also contains fewer nutrients?

In fact, the average vegetable found in today’s supermarket is anywhere from 5% to 40% lower in minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc than those harvested just 50 years ago.

Today’s vegetables are larger, but do not contain more nutrients.

The result of growing rise of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, modern crops are being harvested faster than ever before, meaning that produce has less time to absorb nutrients either from synthesis or the soil. Crops are also being harvested whilst still green, so they can last the journey into the stores and storehouses, thus not being able to produce some very vital nutrients in the last 24-48 hours before ripening.

All of these factors can lead to less than perfect nutrition for our body. The old saying that says we don’t need vitamin and mineral supplements, we can get everything our body’s need from our diet – unfortunately, no longer is true.

The simplest way back toward health is to focus on whole, organic foods grown or raised as nature intended. Meaning, it’s grown using sustainable farming practices, and without the use of chemical additives, pesticides and fertilizers.

Food grown in healthier soil, with natural fertilizers and no chemicals and picked when ripe simply has to be more nutritious.

A study in 2003 found that organic foods are better for fighting cancer.

Scientists in 2005 found that compared to rats that ate conventional diets, organically fed rats experienced various health benefits.
Rats that ate organic or minimally fertilized diets had:

  • Improved immune system status
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Less weight and were slimmer than rats fed other diets
  • Higher vitamin E content in their blood (for organically fed rats)

In 2007 a study named Quality Low Input Food Project – a $25 million, four year study into organic food – the largest of its kind to date found:

  • Organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants
  • Organic produce had higher levels of beneficial minerals like iron and zinc
  • Milk from organic herds contained up to 90% more antioxidants
  • A marked difference between dry matter, mineral, vitamin, protein and amino acid concentrations between organic and conventional crops.

And that is not even mentioning the chemical toxins that are present in conventionally grown crops such as chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, waxes (to make the fruit look appealing), growth retardants, anti-ripening agents etc.

These chemical concoctions can cause a wide variety of health problems including:

  • Neurotoxicity
  • Disruption of your endocrine system
  • Cancer
  • Immune system suppression
  • Male infertility and miscarriages in women

We don’t want to become paranoid, but giving your body the best possible chance to either become healthy or to stay healthy is the greatest thing you can do.

Our bodies have not changed much since Cave Man Days, our physiology (the way things work) has not evolved since then. We are designed to eat natural foods, our body knows how to handle these, how to use them for energy or transform them into our muscles and bones. Most of the foods in the Western Diet are not real foods, most are refined, demineralized, denatured and full of numbers and other things that your body does not recognise. These foods also require energy, vitamins and minerals from your body to be able to be digested. They are actually robbing your body of nutrients, just so your body can rid itself of them and to no benefit at all.

Foods that have been grown in a manner that is compatible with nature and will sustain your good health are a common sense choice.



Is the science of analysing the delicate structures of the iris (the coloured part) and the sclera (whites) of the eyes. The iris is an extension of the brain tissue, being endowed with hundreds and thousands of nerve endings, microscopic blood vessels, muscle and other tissues. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue in the body by way of the brain and nervous system.

The eyes have been proclaimed the window of the soul, with Iridology we now acknowledge them as the mirror to the body. Manifestations in and around the eyes have long been used to gain insight into a person’s state of health. It is said that the iris is a micro computer read out of bodily function and condition. Iridology makes it possible to observe normal and abnormal reflex signs enabling Glenise to individually tailor health/wellbeing programs.

Iris photographs and comprehensive written Iridology Reports are also available.

Comprehensive Written Iridology Reports make a great and unique gift idea.


Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are a simple and natural method of healing through the use of certain wild flowers. The remedies treat the personality imbalances of the patient rather than the individual physical condition. The Bach Flower Remedies do not use the physical material of the plant but rather the essential energy that is found within the flower. This healing energy is extracted in a particular way and stored in a preserving liquid.

During the consultation Glenise ascertains which remedies to prescribe, allowing for a totally individual approach to your health and wellbeing.