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About Glenise


Over 15 years experience.
BHSC., ND, Dip Hom., Dip BM., Dip Nutr., Dip RT., Dip RM. MATMS

Glenise McLaughlin is a fully qualified Naturopath and has run a very successful Natural Health Clinic in the Blue Mountains NSW (Australia) for over 15 years and has now made the sea change and moved to Port Macquarie.

Buying The Natural Health Sanctum has been a great experience and now Glenise can direct her business to reflect her ethos of ‘Do No Harm’. Thus The Natural Health Sanctum has now been upgraded to only using natural and organic products for the Naturopathy, Massage and Hair. Not only is this good for the client and the therapists but also for the planet.

Glenise also runs a successful Corporate Health Consultancy where she conducts Corporate Health Checks at the place of employment helping to minimise the time required for a health check and maintain good health in busy stressed peoples lives, is a published author and a public speaker.

Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathic Diploma, Diploma of Homoeopathy, Diploma of Botanical Medicines (herbs), Diploma of Nutrition, Diploma of Remedial Therapies, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Iridology, Certificate of Bach Flowers, Certificate of Counselling etc.

Glenise studied for over 5 years to gain her Naturopathic qualifications and then a further 4 years for a Bachelor of Health Science, not to mention the ongoing studies that are compulsory for her to complete every year to enable her to keep her qualifications current.

First a little information about me: I have been married for over 35 years to the same man (that has to tell you something about my perseverance or stubbornness as those close to me call it), Mother of 3 beautiful strong, healthy individual children (adults now), Grandmother to the most fantastic granddaughter in the world and the most adorable grandson(hopefully many more grandchildren to come), Friend (a caring and thoughtful one hopefully), and last but definitely not least a Naturopath very passionate about the work I choose to do in this world.

Originally my mission was to heal the world, but I have since peeled back my rose coloured glasses a little and decided to start a tad smaller and work my way up to global health.

In my clinics my mission is to advise, educate, encourage and enable clients to take responsibility for their health and achieve the best health that is possible for them. Once the client has reached their health goals, I help them to maintain their good health. If the client is healthy when they first seek my advice then it is my mission to help keep them that way, by way of education, self responsibility and appropriate treatments. Prevention is so much easier than trying to repair.

Our bodies are extremely intelligent and have an innate ability to achieve balance, health is a constant juggling act on a daily basis or even minute to minute or you could even say second to second. The body is dealing with everything you eat, drink, breathe, touch, smell, inhale, absorb – every second of the day, trying to maintain balance.

The more I have learnt about the human body, the more in awe of it I am. No wonder some religions call our body a temple – it is absolutely amazing what it can do and we must realise how precious the body is to us, because you know it is the only one we are going to get. Most of the time despite all the things that we challenge our body with it can remain reasonably well, but then it can only stand up to so much mistreatment and then dis-ease occurs. Unfortunately, we don’t get a User’s Manual when we are born.

Thankfully Mother Nature has provided some beautiful, gentle, harmonious and very effective remedies to treat the human body and I have studied these nature cures.

The Secret To Optimal Health Is To Have A Wellness Coach

In summary Glenise is trained to: