Are your cells ageing too fast?


For 80 something years I have suffered from having to go to sleep immediately after eating. As a child my mother tried all the doctors in Hungary to find out what was wrong. No-one could find out, until I came to see Glenise McLaughlin. At last – after testing me for food intolerances it turned out I was intolerant to wheat. After eliminating wheat from my diet – wow, no more falling asleep after meals.
Thank you Glenise even in my eighties it is great to feel so much more energy.
Irene – Port Macquarie.

After seeing many doctors who said my son Jack wasn't thriving, but not being able to tell me why or do anything about it. I came to see Glenise McLaughlin to see if she could find out what was going on. He was hungry for food but after a couple of mouthfuls he didn't want any more, but ate quite a bit over the day. Glenise tested him for food intolerances and the results were amazing. He was reacting to most of the foods I was feeding him. I thought I was feeding him the right healthy foods but his body was reacting to them. After 1 month of not eating these foods he had put on 1kg and had grown. Awesome.
Lisa McStimpson – Sydney

I received a massage from Glenise last year before my Iron man competition after I had slightly strained a muscle during training. I train all year for this event and did not want to miss out. The massage was great and helped a lot. I actually won my category. So this year I made sure I had a massage with Glenise before the event.
Graham - Sydney

I had been seeing a physio for several months after I broke my leg, it wasn't going to plan and I wasn't able to work. After my first massage with Glenise my leg could bend better than before the massage and felt more stable. I continued with the massages and was able to resume work again.
Darren – Port Macquarie

I had tried everything to lose weight, all the different diets, exercises etc and nothing. It wasn't until Glenise tested me for food intolerances and I stopped eating the offending foods I was able to start losing those kilos. And I feel so much better now. Thanks Glenise
Margaret - Wauchope

A visit to The Natural Health Sanctum is the perfect way to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. My massages from Glenise were extremely therapeutic and certainly melted away all my tension, and after, I always feel refreshed and ready to face the world.
The staff are extremely friendly and professional and give the best advice.
I could easily spend an entire day there getting pampered!
Kim Gould - Coffs Harbour

I find that every visit to the Natural Health Sanctum a welcoming one. Crystal is always listening for what I want when I need a hair cut, and is there for anything else I need. Thanks Glenise and the girls for an always pleasant visit!
Michael - Port Macquarie.